Description: AMBUR - Analyzing Moving Boundaries Using R

Welcome to the AMBUR project on R-Forge!

This page includes resources for assessing boundary changes (shoreline change) and coastal vulnerability.

These packages for R provides a collection of functions to quantify historical shoreline change or other boundary movements, and

coastal hazards vulnerability.

To download and install directly in R with dependent packages type:

install.packages("ambur", repos=c("", "

install.packages("amburhva", repos=c("", ""))  

(It can also be downloaded within R by selecting both CRAN and R-Forge repositories under the "Packages" menu and
then choosing 'Install package(s) under the same menu in the R console)

Developed versions of 'ambur' and ‘amburhva’ for download:

R-Forge repository (Users must also download dependent packages using the CRAN repository)

Dependent and recommended packages:
ambur, akima, locfit, shapefiles, sp, spatial, spatstat, googleVis, rgdal, rgeos, stringr
(the dependent packages should automatically install when downloading and installing from within R)

User guide(s) and sample data:

'ambur' documentation/data (to be revised soon; please email author for changes)

‘amburhva documentation/data (to be added soon)

Project development:
'ambur' and amburhva workspace


Chester W. Jackson Jr., Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Geology

Department of Geology & Geography

Georgia Southern University


Applied Coastal Research Laboratory

Georgia Southern University

10 Ocean Science Circle

Savannah, GA  31411